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All images copyright ©VV Graphics, LLC 2001-2022

Unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted property is illegal. Only works with an expired copyright, works created by the government, or works specifically dedicated by the copyright holder as "public domain" are considered public domain. With the establishment of the Berne Convention and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), copyright treaties were written to define international elements of copyright protection. The United States became a member of the Berne Convention in 1989 joining most of Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. Therein was established a "principle of national treatment" granting broad international copyright protection to the citizens of the participating countries.

You can rest assured that V V Prints does not violate any copyright laws with the images in our collection. Our images are all scanned from copyright-free antique books, magazines, newspapers, postcards, etc., purchased and owned by president Valerie Vavrik. While the original art is copyright free, the many hours spent by Valerie cleaning up and restoring the artwork into the digital format on our CDs and on this website is copyrighted by VV Graphics, LLC.

As long as you purchase the CD, you have our permission to use the artwork as much as you want, in fact we encourage you to do so. You may give away things you make with our images as gifts and you may sell things you make with our images as long as they are not mass-produced or distributed. For clarification on what we mean by mass-produced or distributed, please EMAIL US .

[picture] You may use our images on your website as long as you include somewhere near the image (in a small font size) © VV V Prints and our website - A link to this website would be even better, and very much appreciated. Look at the sample image on this page to see how it should look. If you click on the picture you will see the code needed on your website to do this. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, the image can be no larger than 7 inches wide or tall, and the resolution no greater than 72 dpi (to prevent anyone from stealing/downloading the higher resolution image). If you are not able to reduce the size of the image, email us and we'll help you.

This permission only extends to the original purchaser of the CD and their immediate family (unless you have gifted it to someone. If so, it is only to them). You may download images from CDs you purchase to use on your computer(s). Your spouse and children living at home with you can use the images. You may not sell an Image CD that includes any of our images. However you may not sell a single image or CD including any of our image(s) that have been doctored, colorized or changed in any way either (as they still include hours and hours of our restoration/clean-up work). You may not sell prints of our images or kits which include them. This includes paper, fabric and other mediums. However, you may purchase paper prints or preprinted fabric sheets from VV V Prints. Our CDs and preprinted fabric sheets are available wholesale and retail. We will also discount for classes and workshops. Please contact us for class or wholesale information.

Your friends must purchase their own CD if they want to use an image. Fortunately they are very affordable, (at only $15.99 per CD, less than .80 each). Violators of our copyright will be vigorously pursued. Please contact Valerie Vavrik to obtain permission for any public or commercial use of any of our images. Reproduction of images (or any parts of an image) on our CDs or on this web site by any means (including electronic, mechanical, recording by information storage and retrevial systems, derivative art and artistic rendering) is prohibited. The use of any image on this web site for any purpose requires the express permission in writing by Valerie Vavrik/VV Graphics, LLC.

If you have a class that wants to begin a project with an image from VV Prints you will need to purchase a CD for each participant. We encourage group project use and will help make it affordable for your group. Please contact us for a special group discount. EMAIL US.

We occasionally donate CDs to local quilt, craft and sewing groups and to organizations putting on shows we are attending, and if you receive one of our CDs as a gift or purchase it at a raffle or fund-raising auction, the copyright does extend/apply to you. Please note that we are not a large company, and that we receive hundreds of requests for free products for various retreats, shows, fundraising efforts and other worthy causes. Please do not be offended if we do not respond to your request as we get so many and just cannot afford to do all of them. Priority will be given to customers and people purchasing products.

You may use our images in an ad or document you are creating if you own the CD, and it is only going to be viewed/distriuted locally. We would like a copy of whatever you produce for our file. We may even include it on our website. If the ad is in a publication that is distributed regionally, nationally or internationally, you must first contact us for permission and include our company name and website in small type (like sample). None of our images may be used in any project that is pornograhic, sexually explicit or offensive.

We do not claim rights in underlying illustrations/pictures that are in the public domain. If you want to buy the book, magazine or postcard (as we did) and do the restoration work (as we did), you can do whatever you want with the images. However, we have invested a lot of time and money into purchasing the material used in our collection, and in cleaning up and digitally restoring these beautiful images. We include a copyright notice on and within all of our images to protect our rights to the digital images we sell. To continue introducing new images we rely on the copyright laws to protect our work.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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