Frequently Asked Questions

When I click on the color images on the CD I can't open them, just the black & white ones.

Unless you have Photoshop or something comparable, you will probably not be able to open all of the images. You do not need to open the images to use them. All you have to do is open Microsoft Publisher, Word or any other program that you can put images in. Create a new document and then "insert picture", "import graphic", "place image" or however else you bring in clip art. (The terminology is different depending on what program you are using). Then you can size the image, print it in b/w or in a color, etc. Any software program that can use clip art will work with our images. The grayscale (black & white) tiff images can also be opened by common software. (You will most likely need to drag the images onto your hard drive as there probably isn't enough space on the CD to open them there.) The color images are quite large which is why most software programs cannot open them. They need to be large (megabytes) to print in high resolution. Making them smaller (megabytes) would compromise the quality of the printed image.

This is explained further on the CDs. Please open and read the "Read Me First" file on the CD. It is in several formats (HTML, Simple Text, Word, etc.).

Do your images violate any copyright laws?

No. we only scan from books, magazines, postcards, etc., owned by Valerie Vavrik, that are copyright-free for our CDs.

Can I give away things I make with your images as gifts?

Absolutely. We would appreciate it if you tell the recipients where you got the images.

Can I sell things I make with your images?

Yes. As long as your products are not mass produced and/or distributed. We would appreciate it if you put somewhere on the item or in the packaging that the image is from VV's Victorian Prints and include our website ( Please send us a picture of anything you make to sell with our images. We may post it on our website. If you want to mass produce and/or distribute products with our images, you must contact us first for permission.

Can I use one of your images on my website?

Yes. However, you need to put somewhere near the image on the website that the image is from VV's Victorian Prints and include our website ( in small type. A link to would be very much appreciated. Also, the image can be no larger than 5 inches wide (or tall) and the resolution no greater than 72 dpi (to prevent anyone from stealing/downloading the image for free). Please read our Copyright page for more information.

Can I put a link from my website to your website?

Yes. Please do link to our website if you think your visitors would be interested in our products.

Can I email one of your images to my friend?

No. The images on our CDs are copyrighted and may not be copied or emailed to anyone. To use the images, you must purchase a CD. Please read our Copyright page for more information.

Can I use one of your images in an ad or document I am creating?

Yes. All we ask is that you send us a copy of the ad or document (in Word, pdf, tiff or eps format). If the ad is in a publication that is distributed regionally, nationally or internationally you must include our company name and website in small type. Please read our Copyright page for more information.

I have an old book from the 1800s with images. Are the images copyright free?

Yes. You can either use them as they are or clean them up first. We don't do any restoration work on our books so we don't take a chance of damaging them. All of our restoration work is done on the computer using Photoshop and/or other image software after the image is scanned on our professional graphics equipment.

I have a unique old book with lots of beautiful images. Are you interested?

Maybe. We have quite a few books and would only be interested if it is something we don't have and need for a future CD. Please email us with more information.

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